BBC Micro Emulators

These pages owe much to Mark Cooke, who originally put them together but had nowhere to host them once he'd left Bristol University

There are a number of emulators under development for many platforms. All the ones I know about have information about them here. Maybe someday soon, a BBC-B will be available for every platform under the sun.

Those people who've worked extensively from the published guides and manuals will probably be aware of some of the errors and omissions. Here's an attempt to start a definitive list. If you know of any others, please let me know.

Technical documents about the BBC series of machines are available here.

Also available is a proposed format for a snapshot of the emulator state originally developed for Xbeeb.

I also run the BBC Micro, BBC Micro Emulators and Xbeeb mailing lists. Send an e-mail containing the word help for more information.