Xbeeb Screenshots


Probably my favourite of the "Space Invaders" genre games, with the exception of Zalaga (below) which is more trouble to get working because of it's use of undocumented 6502 op-codes.

Chuckie Egg

The classic platform game. Ignore the fact that the big duck in the cage is missing, by the way -- it's just unfortunate that I caught the screen shot when it was being redrawn.


Monster platform game featuring options to choose the sex of the player's character and a very butch voice saying the name of the game during the start-up screen.

I never managed to finish it, because I couldn't ever work out how to get the out of jail. Perhaps my memory is failing and there was something else involving water that always ended up killing me off. It's all such a long time ago...

Teletext Invaders

Just to show how good the MODE 7 graphics look, an "action-shot" of an Invader blowing up from Acornsoft's BASIC space invaders game from a four-game package also featuring Snake, Breakout and Dodgems.

Not the best games in the world, especially Dodgems which should have an entry in the Top Ten most crap commercial games every, but if all you had was a 16K Beeb, these were about all you could play.

Killer Gorilla

The classic coin-op, converted to a somewhat mediocre format on the Beeb. Still, some people liked it.

Remember How high can you try ? and the naff little jingle ?

Philosopher's Quest

My first adventure game, responsible for hours of lost sleep and undone homework. As far as I remember, the first in a long line of text-only adventure games from Acornsoft, culminating in Acheton, eclipsed only by the likes of Level 9's Snowball, which played Winter from Vivaldi's Four Seasons whilst it loaded from tape and also runs on the version 0.4.1 emulator.


The original Acornsoft conversion of Pacman which, with Defender, caused a bit of a fuss because of their close similarity to the originals. Snapper then became four ginger-bread men hunted by a pumpkin wearing a silly hat and Defender had it's name changed to Planetoid. I've always preferred this version

The only thing wrong with this game was adjusting to the (lack of) speed on level one having just finished a game at level fourteen.


The hours I wasted on this! I never did finish it, either...


Without doubt, my favourite "space invaders" style game on the Beeb. I have worrying memories of going to bed and still being able to see the scrolling starfield on the backs of my eyelids.