Riding Motorbikes

Let's just get something out of my system first -- motorcycles aren't inherently dangerous, no matter what people say. If you disagree, e-mail me and I'll explain why :-)

The Use and Abuse Roll of Honour

The GPX has now gone to make way for one of my dream bikes, a '94 Ducati 900SS. If you don't know, I can't explain. Ducatis are like that.

Having had my (previous) car stolen and wrecked, it was my only form of transport for about three months over which period I did about 3,500 miles and had to get a tinted visor so oncoming traffic wasn't blinded by my stupid grin.

In case you're one of the poor unfortunates that doesn't own a Ducati, despair not -- you can still download samples of that wonderful V-twin sound from the Ducati WWW site. (Or perhaps the Massey Ferguson or David Brown WWW sites will be less busy ?)

GPX750R Ducati 900SS

Hopefully some time soon I'll get around to taking some decent photos of the Duke. There are some photos of me on the GPX750R taken at a Bike magazine shoot though.